It has been nearly two centuries since Camillo Di Carlo, ancestor of the founder of Agriverde Giannicola Di Carlo, he obtained his first success in the field of wine production. The goal is to Agriverde then: make superior wines, and excellence in our times is obtained by combining tradition with innovation. Agriverde wines disseminate the culture of “terroir” which combines the concept of climate, geology, Topography and Soil. The recovery of natural yeasts, yeast aroma coming from the standard, gives the wine taste intimately tied to the territory, returning to nature and the characteristics of the centrality of the “terroir.


The cellar, which is structured to emulate the surrounding landscape, was designed and built according to the principles of green architecture and was the first in Italy to apply this architectural concept. The natural materials and forms evoke the waves of the sea and the rolling hills using visual techniques and concepts that are in perfect balance between the futuristic and traditional. Wood, steel and glass are just some of the elements that make up the building. Paints and glues are all natural and environmentally friendly. Electrical systems are shielded against magnetic fields.

The basement is home to air conditioned rooms surrounding the barrel, the heart of the cellar, with barrels and casks for resting and ripening of wine.

Region: Abruzzo
Country: Italy