Cascina 'Tavijn

cascina tavijn logo.jpg

Cascina Tavijn is another winery that kept popping up every time I looked at the wine lists from great wine bars around the world. Ten Bells, Terriors, Casa Bleve was enough to ignite our interest so we made the trek to Scurzolengo in June and I am glad we did.

The 20 000 bottles that Nadia Verrua produces from her organically run 5 hectares are at the top of the tree as far as Ruche & Grignolino go. Scurzolengo is north of Asti tucked away in quiet corner of the Monferrato hills and quietly goes about its business.

Nadia’s vineyards are located behind the winery and sit on a steep slope that is made up of white sand, sandstone, marl and heavy clay. There are two distinct parts to the vineyard, the elevated section which faces north-east and the lower slope faces south west. ‘erbe’ is encouraged between the rows with peas, clover, wild fennel, wheat and other local herbs keeping the soil healthy.

As with most of our producers Nadia lets nature take its course with fermentation. The wines are fermented in a mix of concrete, stainless steel and then aged in old Slavonian oak.

There are no chemical additions or temperature controls and sulphur dioxide is added in a tiny quantity. The wines are not filtered or fined. Nadia’s wines scream varietal character and territoriality. They have an understated intensity and fine balance and above all great clarity. These are fantastic wines at a great price.

Region: Scurzolengo, Piemonte
Country: Italy