The steep terraced vineyards of the Carema DOC are often called ‘mountain Barolo’. The tiny DOC is in the Piemontese alpine sub-region called the Cavanese which abuts the beautiful Valle d’Aosta, the climate is more like neighbour but the grapes grown are classic Piemontese in particular Nebbiolo. 

Ferrando is the undisputed king in this area and his Nebbiolos have a distinct nervy, wiry structure making them distinctly different to Barolo and Barbaresco. Ferrando’s Nebbiolos are spoken about in the same company as Giuseppe Rinaldi, Bartolo Macarello & Bruno Giacosa and share a common purity and honesty with them. We have a small allocation of both the Etichetta Bianco & Etichetta Nera from 2007 which have both been highly praised in the Italian wine media.

Region: Ivrea, Piemonte
Country: Italy
Web: www.ferrandovini.it